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I randomly received an email that stated my account was cancelled and that I could no longer be a member, when I further inquired the representative over ther phone tells me corporate canceled the account and would not reopened it. I requested to speak to them or get an email where I could write the representative stated she sent them an email and that they may contact me.

When I did receive the call from corporate they stated to me they had contact my bank over a charge on my account and that the bank stated that they felt I committed fraud on my account. I explained to the corporate representative that I contacted the bank and that they confirmed with m that they never stated that to zipcar or any representative of zipcar for that matter because if that was the case they would have not reversed the charges and did not appreciate zipcar and its representatives lying on there behalf. I explained to her that I did have fraud committed on my account my purse was stolen over the holiday period which lead me to having to to get issued new debit cards, ID, health insurance cards etc. and that the fraud continued on for weeks, I would make a purchase in NY and I was still getting fraudulent charges for rides in other states.

The bank was able to finally shut down access to my account and stop the charges. I want you to understand this happened to me back on December of 2017 yet my account closed in June of 2018... I used the app many times over the past year and have always played for the vehicle and made sure to keep it clean. I got a email from corporate after the call stating that they decided to stand by there decision to continue to keep my account closed and here's the kicker they made slanderous accusations stating I was constantly late, and didn't make payments along with stating I had returned dirty vehicles and that based on this they felt I was didnt belong to the zipcar member as they stated the things I mentioned above.

I wrote them back an email and told them that it was all a lie and that I did not see why they thought I was going to stand for their slanderous accusations of my member record and wanted to set the record straight, I had on many occasions played fo a vehicle they the app and on my laptop and upon receiving the vehicle had found cars full of animal faeces outside and inside, along with smells of paraphernalia and open and used condoms on car seats I along with the attendants of these locations called zipcar yo report the vehicles that were in these conditions I was with my baby on many of these occasions and I would and had many bags with me and was told to go to another zipcar location by cab in order to get another vehicle on 2 occasions this took roughly an hour to make all of this happened.

I was disgusted and surprised none the less with the conditions cars inside and out. So for them to try and turn that around on me and slander my name as a zip car member I'm appalled, I played for the vehicles I received I put gas and return them as I recieved them played my tolls and for them to not only call me a bad member of the zipcar community but above all a fraud is not acceptable and for them to lie an involved my bank is completely outlandish especially since I been a member of my bank for over 14 yr

Product or Service Mentioned: Zipcar Account.

Reason of review: Return, Exchange or Cancellation Policy.

Preferred solution: an apology for the lies and reinstatement of membership.

I didn't like: Slanderous allegations used to cancel my membership.

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