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I was using zip car since 2008 and recently got emails that my account was being charged an inactive fee, which resulted in my account being closed. So they jammed me with the 76 fee and still closed my account.

Seems valueless to me so I will dispute the charge and go elsewhere.

The service rep was useless on the phone. A complete waste of time.

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The same happen to me has well. I was a member since 2010 and was looking to rent this weekend.

I found out that due to inactive account and a small balance under $20.00. (They were trying to charge my account which I stated they could have all along. Mind you its for their insurance fee, the balance. ) My membership was cancelled too.

I was told they tried contacting me via email and I informed them that I have had computer issues with my computer. But regardless, the balanced paid, but my membership is no longer. Even when my years’ membership cost is not up till the end of he year. They had the nerve to tell me to reinstate my membership I would have to pay $75.00 again and any process fees.

Of course NOT. I could not believe that, so they have taken my yearly membership money that have not expired yet and no customer service of letting my membership be reinstated.

So I informed them that I will not be using them ever again and that I will inform other people the same. Uber is better way to go, has I told them.

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